This site was originally posted as a individual effort. The Board did not participate or assist in any manner with its creation, content or publishing. At the time I was president of the board and felt strongly that the information regarding the CC&Rs, By-Laws and policies should be available to anyone seeking information on line, regarding Heather Ridge. So, began the effort to build this site. 

This is the home page for the UNOFFICAL repeat UNOFFICAL Heather Ridge Home Owner's Association located in beautiful Lecanto, Florida. I am pleased that you have taken your time to find it and hope that you will take a few more minutes to familiarize yourself with the contents. 

As of the date above, Heather Ridge HOA has published it OFFICIAL web site and it can be viewed at 

At the OFFICIAL site one can find the names and contact information for the Board of Directors. OFFICIAL copies of the CC&Rs, By-Laws and some of the minutes of past board meetings are also available. Please visit the OFFICIAL site and surely the board would love to hear from you regarding its contents and any suggestions you might have regarding it. 

In the meantime if you have any requests, suggestions etc. for this site please let me know via email,

Thank you for your time and enjoy.

Al Mumford

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